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WPTonline Description

WorldPokerTour - WPTonline is the established poker authority. WPTonline have made their name by telling the story of the sport to the world. Now, by hosting their own online poker room (WPTonline.com), WPTonline are inviting you to join in the same fun and excitement as when you watch the WPT, but now you can directly participate as a WPTonline player, and have the chance to earn a seat, center stage, at the final table.

The WPTonline Poker Room offers all of the poker games you have come to know and love: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and their Hi/Lo variations.

Play poker in a safe, secure poker room with the best poker games in town. For cash wagering WPTonline only accept players who live in non-prohibited jurisdictions and are of legal age for gaming. WPTonline Free-Play site is available for all players, and is a great place to practice your game and hone your skills, as well as chat with other players like yourself.

Visit WPTonline at WPTonline.com and join one of the multi-table tournaments WPTonline host throughout the day, or jump onto a Sit-and-Go table and play whenever you like. Watch for WPTonline special satellites where you can win a seat at a local card room tournament, or even a WPT event.

Play in £s - and take advantage of WPTonlines competitive rake structure. Earn Poker Points while you play, and use them to buy into WPTonline free-roll tournaments.

And, if the action is getting a bit too hot for you on the tables, you can always check out the wide selection of Casino games WPTonline offer on the site. You can play the games instantly with your WPTonline account user name and password.

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