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Ladbrokes is the world's biggest gaming and betting company. , and in an industry where trust and integrity are so important, Ladbrokes has arguably the strongest brand in the world.


The world’s number one online casino Ladbrokescasino offers:

  • Over 160 exciting games. Including the ever-popular table games Blackjack (including multi-hand), Roulette, 3-card Poker and Baccarat. Online bonus slot games on offer include Mermaid’s Millions and Lara Croft Tomb Raider™ where players can win massive jackpots! Plus there’s at least 4 new games released every month.
  • Players’ accounts are handled with security, discretion and integrity
  • Excellent 24-hour customer service
  • Great promotions and exclusive monthly offers.
  • Multi-currency options - £ Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, and others accepted.
  • Flexible banking and fast payouts.

Everything you’d expect from Ladbrokes the world’s biggest betting and gaming company.


  • is Europe's Busiest Poker Room
  • The Ladbrokes Multi-Player Poker service was launched on 13 May 2002
  • Over 100,000 players have registered from 107 countries and over 80% of customers are European
  • Every day over 20,000 people play Poker online with Ladbrokespoker
  • At the busiest times over 8,000 people will be playing poker against each other
  • Ladbrokes is also the only site in the world not to take US players (for legal reasons) - something that is popular with our players, given the perception that US players are stronger. The absence of US players is beneficial tto the 'community feel' of the site
  • 60% of players at Ladbrokes Poker are under 30 years old, there are more 19 year olds than any other age year and the average age of a Ladbrokes Poker Player is just 32 years
  • Ladbrokes is the biggest poker site in Europe with a total of $10,000,000 cash now won every day in "Pots"
  • Ladbrokes is estimated to enjoy 35% of the European online Poker tournament marketplace (Poker Pulse)
  • Ladbrokes Poker have the lowest charge-back rate in the industry
  • Ladbrokes have implemented 59 software upgrades since launch, including the introduction of completely new software on 5th June 2003. Hand speed is now at optimum levels with an average of 45 seconds per hand



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