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Blackjack 2021

Blackjack 2021 Real-Time Analyzer specifies the best play for any given situation, and recommends the amount of money you should bet on each round according to the minimum bet at any blackjack table. You are the best Blackjack player in the world when you use Blackjack 2021 since you always make the best possible play! Blackjack 2021 tells you whether your next hand is likely to win according to the cards left in the deck, it counts the cards for you!

Blackjack 678

Blackjack software that teaches basic strategy, counter basic strategy and card counting.

Blackjack Analyser

Blackjack system and analyser. Downloadable trial version.

Blackjack Risk Manager

Blackjack Risk Manager 2002 (BJRM) is a easy-to-use "utility" program that automatically and instantly performs several complicated blackjack risk-related statistical calculations, providing you with the facts you need to manage your total blackjack risk.

Blackjack Gold

Shareware game that let's you create custom blackjack strategies, and pit them against the dealer. Mac OSX, PPC and Windows.






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