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Ladbrokespoker Bonus Code | - Europe's Busiest Poker Room

  • is Europe's Busiest Poker Room
  • The Ladbrokes Multi-Player Poker service was launched on 13 May 2002
  • Over 100,000 players have registered from 107 countries and over 80% of customers are European
  • Every day over 20,000 people play Poker online with
  • At the busiest times over 8,000 people will be playing against each other
  • Ladbrokespoker is also the only site in the world not to take US players (for legal reasons) - something that is popular with our players, given the perception that US players are stronger. The absence of US players is beneficial to the 'community feel' of the site
  • 60% of players at LadbrokesPoker are under 30 years old, there are more 19 year olds than any other age year and the average age of a LadbrokesPoker Player is just 32 years
  • Ladbrokes is the biggest site in Europe with a total of $10,000,000 cash now won every day in "Pots"
  • LadbrokesPoker is estimated to enjoy 35% of the European online Poker tournament marketplace (Poker Pulse)

Why play Multi-Player Poker?

"Great Action" - "Ladbrokes has some of the best games around. There is great multi-way pot action in all forms of poker." - Online Poker Review. LadbrokesPoker has the widest range of staking options and the highest average pot size on the web.

No.1 Community - The LadbrokesPoker room has the strongest sense of community of any Poker site on the web, due to it's European concentration, unique player profiles, player leaderboards and message forum. As a non-networked site - it is independent of other sites. All players are Ladbrokes players.

Brand reliability - Ladbrokes is the world's biggest betting and gaming company. It's size and reputation reassures players that they will be dealt fairly and paid promptly. Ladbrokespoker, unlike other sites, does not employ robot players, shills or house players. One expert has said "When online poker centred on dodgy companies operating out of Costa Rica and Antigua, consumer confidence was low but the game still attracted millions, now that big boys like Ladbrokes have moved in, we're on a whole different level" *.

"No Americans please" - Whilst Americans are great people - they are also the best Poker players. There are thousands of professional players in the US and they make US Poker sites hard places to win money. Ladbrokespoker is popular, paradoxically, because it is the only site in the world that does not take US players. Also important for European poker players are poker tournament start times. At Ladbrokespoker they are convenient for European players, whereas tournaments at predominantly American sites start too late in the evening.

Cost-free, hassle-free banking - Unlike other operators, Ladbrokes offers commission free currency exchange into US Dollars. (All staking takes place in USD). Ladbrokes does not use bid/ offer rates but runs floating mid-point prices for over 15 different currencies. There are no restrictions on taking out your winnings at Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes pay your winnings to your bank account, immediately, upon request.

24 Hour a -day Poker Manager coverage - Ladbrokespoker employs a team of professional poker card room managers who are always online to resolve disputes and provide support and advice for novice players.

* David Rai, quoted in "Poker: it's the new football". Sunday Herald - 20th October 2002.




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